Making Masks Glam & Finding Inspiration in 2020!


Kristy Here! With all the buzz my gold heart necklace from Labor of Love created, I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you to a jewelry designer and collection I am completely in love with (understatement), Lisa Jill Jewelry. I basically go gaga for everything Lisa creates, and her latest venture into the world of glamorized masks and bejeweled mask chains is no exception to this rule. I’ve included Lisa in my series highlighting women you should know, because just take a look at her beautiful and unique work! I am not a “cookie cutter” kind of girl, and I love that all of Lisa’s pieces are one-of-a-kind making them truly special and made just for you!

Learn more about Lisa and how she finds her inspiration here

Today I’m sharing a Q&A with Lisa where she talks about what she loves most about being a jewelry designer and the newest additions to her shop (hint: it’s her current passion project and very relevant to the times). I’ve also included my favorite pieces from her current collection and let me tell you, I had a really tough time choosing! So get ready to shop, because I KNOW you are going to find something you just can’t wait to call your own! And if you’re looking to upgrade your heart necklace to something a little more glam, check out these beauties below!

I love Lisa’s Enamel Collection and own a similar one myself! And you know what they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? I’d have to agree when it comes to this delicate gold and diamond heart necklace!

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

A: My inspiration for colors often come from nature. Lately the sunsets and clouds have been so beautiful and I absolutely love summer flowers! So when I shop for gemstones, I often try to mimic the colors I see in nature.
I also get inspired by the materials themselves (gemstones, chains, unique pendants and vintage finds). Shopping (aka hunting) for these materials and elements is often as exciting as creating the piece itself!

Lisa’s inspiration from sunsets and nature are reflected in her Mixed Gemstone Chains. The investment in these statement pieces doubles as they can also be worn as a bracelet! A few of my favorites are shown here: Shades of Gray, Pastel Pink, and Gemstones & Pearls.

Q: Do you have a current passion project?

A: I have always loved “making things,” but don’t have the attention span for something that will take a long time. I like to see the fruits of my labors sooner rather than later! Recently my new creative outlet has been tie dyeing face masks and making jeweled mask chains. I have been trying to make the importance of wearing a mask more fun with pretty jewelry chains that we may actually like to wear! Each mask is like making a mini painting but quicker, and they each have a fun element of surprise when I open the ties. I love playing with the mixture of colors and patterns. The chains are made in many different styles with a clasp on either end to attach to the mask, and they can be worn as a necklace or wrapped bracelet too! I also donate a portion of the sale of each mask to No Kid Hungry to help end childhood hunger in America. So with that, there is the added pleasure of feeling like I’m helping people that really need the help.

Lisa’s hand tie-dyed masks and gemstone mask chains are truly the accessory you never knew you needed! She offers both 3 Ply Cotton versions and Thin versions for when you want more breathability. You can choose from simple gold or silver mask chains or these absolutely gorgeous gemstone ones that you can also wear as a necklace or bracelet!

Q: Do you have a favorite piece in your current collection?

A: I definitely don’t have a favorite piece because that would be like choosing a favorite child! It simply can’t be done! Each piece is my baby and has been created with love and care for every detail. As far as what I personally wear, it really depends on my outfit and where I’m going or what I’m doing. But I truly love them all!!!

Q: What’s the best part about being a jewelry designer?

A: After 22 years of being a jewelry designer I am still obsessed with the creative process. And now with my Instagram and website, the photography has become part of that creative process too! I truly enjoy it all, but my favorite part -get ready this is cheesy- is knowing people love my creations as much as I love making them!!! The mixed gemstone chains are probably my best sellers, and I really do enjoy making them because of the different textures and different colors being combined together.

p.s. Lisa, we don’t think that’s cheesy at all! Your heart and soul shine through in each piece you make, and your work is absolutely stunning!!!


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