Le Tote Review: Send Me All the Things!

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There’s no question I love clothes and call me old-fashioned but there’s just something about buying them versus renting them. When you love clothes like I do though, that philosophy isn’t always budget-friendly! When fellow Mamanista, Liz told me about Le Tote I’ll admit I was skeptical.  Liz encouraged me just to add things to my Le Tote “closet” on the app and try 1 or 2 boxes just to see what I think!


So add to my closet I did and a few days later my first “Tote” arrived! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! I’ve tried Rent the Runway’s unlimited subscription in the past and somehow always felt like I was wearing someone else’s clothes. There is a bit of that at play here too but the fact that you can swap out items and that you have the option to purchase any of the pieces they send helps that a bit. So two major questions: (1) What are the Pros and Cons of Le Tote? and (2) What did I get?!!




  • Le Tote App – it makes it easy to add things to your closet and delete them just as easily. No logging on to a computer, it’s all literally in your hand.
  • Selection – Whereas Rent the Runway’s selection felt really limited and ultra-designer, Le Tote has a huge selection at a wide range of price points and brands so you can find selections that feel more like you. Let’s face it, this was a big part of why I always felt like I was playing dress up with Rent the Runway!
  • Subscription Options – You can pick from 3 levels of subscriptions at a variety of price points – 2 clothing items/1 accessory ($44); 4 clothing items ($64); 3 clothing items/2 accessories ($64)
  • Easy Mailing – While Rent the Runway came in an elaborate dry cleaning bag that you couldn’t fit in a mailbox if you tried, Le Tote arrives in a small box and includes an easy self-addressed poly mailer that fits nicely into your home mailbox for simple, fast returns when you’re done with each tote.
  • Pseudo-Shopping – The service is really easy on your budget. For less than $44 a month at the lowest price level, you can add 2 clothing pieces and a new accessory to your wardrobe each week. You have to stay up on mailing back and forth but that’s potential for up to 8 pieces of new clothing and 4 accessories all for $44 each month!
  • Love It, Buy It Option – I admit this goes against the pro immediately preceding it but this is a great option to have with Le Tote. If you rent a piece of jewelry or clothing item that you absolutely love, you can choose to buy it at reduced pricing. I’ve scored a few great earrings this way!


  • It’s a Rental! – At the end of the day, you’re renting the clothing. That means sometimes they come smelling a bit like dry cleaning fluid but then again, I guess that’s not such a bad thing! At least you know your clothing has been cleaned! Still, renting items just isn’t the same as owning them no matter how you spin it. Even with the optional insurance I worry about spilling something on my rented clothing.
  • Item Availability – Because of the popularity of certain items, there’s no guarantee that the item you want most that week will be available when it’s time to select your tote. This is especially true around holidays (ex: 4th of July when the red jumpsuit I’d been dreaming about was no where to be seen!).



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Margaret M Sylvie Printed Straight Leg Pant
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Alice Blue Maricella Crochet Fringe Trim Sleeveless Sweater
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So, what do you think? Ready to give Le Tote a try? Click here to find out more and to sign up to try your first tote free!



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