Laundry Room Makeover

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As my husband will tell you, I have a strange love for laundry. There’s something about hanging up clean clothes and knowing that my kids are ready for the week that feels satisfying! Now let me be clear, that love DOES NOT extend to ironing! That would just be plain crazy!

Recently, we decided to finally redo the standard builder basic laundry room in our house. It was already plumbed for a utility sink and we had one wire shelf in place so it should be easy, right?  Well, let’s just say that a day of plumbing-based DIY projects gave us good practice into the old marriage tactics of curse words and silent treatment before we were done. All is good that ends in a Pinterest perfect laundry room though so evidently we passed the test!


After lots of measuring and multiple trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s, we finally found a utility sink that was in stock and that fit our space. Problem was, Lowe’s had the sink but not the plumbing connections to make it work with our particular set up so off to Home Depot we went. Fast forward a few hours and the sink was in.


We built our Target cube shelving to house clean, folded clothes for everyone in the family and set off hanging the cabinet above the sink and the wire shelf to dry or hang all the hanging stuff. Surprisingly easy, right?


Well… no DIY project ever ended there so an emergency call to the plumber after the pipes sent water spewing everywhere in our laundry room, we were finally in business! Evidently, neither Lowe’s nor Home Depot sold the actual shut-off valves we needed for the hot and cold water. Oops! Nothing that an order to Amazon for decor and baskets (because Amazon Prime makes everything better) couldn’t fix!


After one more house call from the plumber and a few finishing touches, we deemed our laundry room complete! I love how it all turned out and the combo of function and design truly makes me happy! We’ve survived two weeks worth of laundry and kid chores without complaint so I’d say that makes the hassle all worth it!




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