ipsy May Glam Bag Review: WTF?

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ipsy May Glam Bag

Normally, I’m a big fan of my ipsy Glam Bag. The March Glam Bag was themed rose gold (!) and was one of the best ones ever with nearly every single product inducing a squeal. The April Glam Bag had a makeup brush that I actually described as “angel kisses” and made me throw out my $40 Lancome foundation brush. I still have a crush on this foundation brush, which is finally back in stock!

So, naturally, expectations of the May Glam Bag were high. And unfortunately, they fell drastically short.

The Big Reveal of the Ipsy May Glam Bag

ipsy May Glam Bag

Here it is in all it’s glory. The theme is “Summer Friday” which seems to be a cruel reminder that I don’t have them at my current place of employment. The makeup bag is never a standout for me, although March’s was great and still in my purse, but this one was a total “Meh”. The bag is a see-through, water-resistant one, which is on-theme and useful for the summer, but the pattern features a trying-too-hard-to-be-cutesy ice cream and popsicle print. I would’ve preferred a more on-trend theme of pineapples and flamingos. Strike one.

Inside the Glam Bag

From left-to-right, here’s what was inside:

IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara in Black

You would think a good waterproof mascara would be a better fit for a pool-themed bag, no? Well, so would I but waterproof this is not. I just purchased a full-size Tarte mascara that I really like, so this is going in the makeup stash until the Tarte one runs out.

City Color Cosmetics Bold Brow Eyebrow Powder in Medium

This seems like a bit of stretch for a pool-themed bag – is anyone filling in their eyebrows before going to the pool?! – but I appreciate that it’s full size. And I had just run out/lost my other eyebrow powder, so this was a good save, even if it wasn’t on theme.

CAILYN Cosmetics Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint + Velvet in #32 Practicable

I liked this product, but not in love. The matte tint stayed on longer than other lipsticks for me. I would say I had a good four hours of color out of one application, and the product has a nice coconut smell similar to suntan lotion (don’t judge). But the color was a mauvey-brown and in summer I like to lighten things up with a bit and go with brighter pink and berry shades. That being said, this is the one product from this month’s bag that I would recommend checking out further.

Urban Decay Afterglow in Sin

I do like Urban Decay (one of my all-time favorite products is their eyeshadow primer) but I recently fell in love with this $7 highlighter from Makeup Revolution. This is a tiny sample but I’m interested in testing it’s “8-hour glow” claim. It also promises to make me look like a Snapchat filter.

Briogeo Rosarco Milk™ Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray

Points for being on theme, but I was just sent this 2-3 bags ago. At least it wasn’t black eyeliner!

The Verdict

Expectations were high after the March and April glam bags, and usually it only takes one product for me to feel like I got my money’s worth. Unfortunately, this month’s bag was absent of that one product and I’m considering re-subscribing to Birchbox.

Did you get the May ipsy Glam Bag? What were your thoughts?



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