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Le Tote Review

Lately, I’ve been shopping like someone who makes a lot more money than I do and who doesn’t have a growing toddler to clothe everyday. Because I’m too weak to quit shopping cold-turkey (and because I still have several new trends I want to add to my closet), I started brainstorming about which belongings I could sell on an online yard sale. And then Le Tote sent me an offer to try a box for free. Bait taken.


Lately, I’ve been shopping like someone who makes a lot more money than I do

How Le Tote Works

It’s like Rent the Runway meets Stitch Fix. You pay a monthly fee to have “totes” styled and sent to you. Monthly pricing varies based on how many pieces you want in each tote, with the lower end subscription being $39. You can wear each piece as much or as little as you want, for as long as you want, and have the option to buy any pieces you love – at a discounted price – and send back the rest. You can also wear and send back as many totes as you want within a month.

When you sign up, you complete a style profile with your preferences and sizing, including your measurements. Le Tote stylists “hand measure each item for you” so they get pretty specific on sizing and whether a piece will work for your measurements. Once your profile is complete, you shop their inventory to add items to your “closet.” This must be what chewing nicotine gum is like for smokers, because I have found myself adding pieces to my closet whenever I feel the need to shop. A stylist will pull items from your closet to build your totes, so click that little heart as much as you want. Once your tote is styled, you receive an email with photos of your items. You have 48 hours to swap their picks for something else, or approve your tote as-is. Each tote includes a pre-paid envelope to make return shipping as easy as possible. It’s also fast – as soon as the post office scans your return package, another tote is immediately styled and shipped to you. And bonus points for NOT having to launder the items before returning them; Le Tote takes care of that for you!

My Totes

My First Le Tote

Total miss. I loved the Kate Spade cuff but wasn’t willing to spend the $54 to keep it so soon after promising to cut down on my spending. Everything else was either not right for the season (my fault) or just didn’t work for me.


Tip: Like Stitch Fix, your Le Tote stylists rely on your feedback to send recommendations that are customized to your style and ensure that each piece fits you properly. So, be sure to rate your Tote and share any issues you have with design, fit or quality.

The Second Le Tote

I was surprised at how quickly my second tote was styled and appeared on my doorstep. I received an email from Le Tote that one of my items was not up to their quality standards. The good news is they added a different item they thought I would love and gave me a credit towards a future purchase. The bad news is the striped dress (far left) they sent me was pretty heinous on. But I kept the bell-sleeve top and loved the jeans.

Third Tote

Getting better each time. So far, this one feels the most like my style while still pushing me to try new things, like the harem pants that I probably wouldn’t have picked on my own. The harem pants that are fashion gold. Not only do they feel like pajamas, but I totally feel like a #coolmom in them. The only item I didn’t love was the long-sleeved floral top. I tried, but I just can’t do that much color.

My Fourth Le Tote

Okay, I’m totally hooked. I loved every piece in this tote – especially the necklace and clutch. Sign me up for another month!

Bottom Line: My Brutally Honest Review of Le Tote

Le Tote is a fun and inexpensive way to keep your wardrobe fresh and to try new trends without breaking the bank. You can also feel good about yourself, because borrowing clothes is like the fashion equivalent of carpooling. And because Le Tote takes care of laundering each piece, you can ignore that laundry pile calling your name a little longer.

On the downside, their clothing collections lean more toward weekend/casual wear. You likely won’t find a large selection of appropriate work wear pieces if you have a more formal office dress code.

Le Tote subscriptions start at $44/month for 2 clothing items + 1 accessory. For $64/month, you can get 3 clothing items + 2 accessories or 4 clothing items.

If you’re interested in giving Le Tote a try, click here to receive $25 off your first month (and I’ll get $15 off my next month’s subscription!).



Le Tote Brutally Honest Review


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