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Front porch fall decor

The Best Fall Decor at TheModernMamanista.com

The first cool mornings have finally hit Georgia and after over 80 days of 90+ degrees, I am more than ready for it. With falling temps and the calendar officially showing October, the urge to “fallify” my nest has definitely taken over.

Fall embodies everything I think a home should be – warm colors, spicy scents, and an overall feeling of coziness.  As the first day of fall approached of course I filled my Fall Pinterest board with loads of fall adventures, savory stews, pumpkin desserts, and cozy home décor with dreams of doing it all in one weekend.

But alas, I don’t have a whole weekend to focus on fall.  Real life means two days of basketball registration and tryouts for Son #1, two days of lacrosse for Son #2, school projects to finish for Monday, preparing for a big work presentation next week, and all of the other stuff that comes with running a household.

So what’s a modern Mamanista to do? Quickly scroll through my Pin Board for my favorites and go with a much more realistic Plan B! Instead of clearing out the Fall sections at Target and the local garden center, here’s what I actually did.  Aaahhh… I can taste the Pumpkin Spice already.

Bring on the Pumpkins  Visit the pumpkin patch (or local garden center in the case of my “too cool for pumpkin patches” 14 and 10 year old boys). From there we took a trip to Target for just a few fall items. Trust me when I tell you it’s an act of sheer determination not to purchase everything in Target that I suddenly HAVE to have for my home.  This trip we settled on Mellowcreme Pumpkins and candy corn for our candy jar (yum!); Pumpkin Spice Krispy Kreme (where have you been all my life?) and an adorable Pumpkin Wreathpumpkin-wreath-from-target

It’s an act of sheer determination not to purchase everything in Target.

A Front Porch Fit for Fall This is honestly one of my favorite times of year to plant flowers, cut back overgrown bushes and add a bit of harvest to the yard. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the Midwest or maybe it’s because my ancestors were farmers… but there’s something nostalgic and heart-filling about adding cornstalks, hay and pumpkins to my yard. This year I turned it over to my kids and let them choose decor ideas from my Pinterest board. Surprisingly, they actually had tons of fun scrolling through the photos and walking around the garden center to match things up.

Front porch fall decor


There’s something nostalgic and heart-filling about adding cornstalks, hay and pumpkins to my yard.

Bake, Bake, Bake!  I’ll admit that I drag my feet big time when it comes to cooking and grocery shopping each week. But… baking on the other hand … give me a mixer, a rubber spatula, and bags of flour and sugar any day! So with limited time this weekend, I went for maximum impact… my Grandmother’s Famous Apple Crisp. Yum! It makes the house smell delicious and it tastes even better. Here’s a copy of my grandma’s recipe as a special treat for all of you Mamanistas! 

apple_crisp_prep apple_crisp_recipe

Cozy Up the Nest! My house tends toward the warm colors and farmhouse style of fall anyways but I felt the need to add a few more touches this weekend so it really feels like fall. I broke out the fall candles to pump the spicy scent of fall throughout the house. I also broke out my plaid throw to snuggle up with (here’s a link to a similar one at Target) and fall-inspired pillows. These fit my farmhouse style but I also saw this great plaid one and a few others at Target this week that were hard to resist! (Someone please go buy them so I won’t!) And of course… I also sprinkled a few more pumpkins here and there. I mixed these white mini pumpkins into my Farmhouse inspired dining room table.

Fall farmhouse decor

Break Out the Fall Clothes! It’s still in the low 80s here in Georgia, but it’s October and I’m tired of all my summer tank tops and sleeveless dresses. So as a final effort to welcome fall, I packed away my tropical summer patterned dresses and all my sleeveless tanks and dresses. I pulled out all my long sleeves, boots, and cozy vests, jackets and sweaters from storage. I’d like to tell you I spent hours carefully steaming and ironing each one but that’s not real life. This modern Mamanista hung them straight up wrinkles and all… steaming is left for another day (probably 5 minutes before I wear it).

Happy Fall Y’All!  What’s your favorite way to “fall-ify” your nest?


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