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We can’t forget the kid in our lives this holiday season! We know there are more choices than we know what to do with and it gets overwhelming to sort through it all! We’ve started shortening our holiday gift list by asking our kids to choose something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read or make. We also use this gift wish list as a starting point for a shopping trip to buy gifts for Toys for Tots. If we want it, then another kid our age would probably love it too!

Star Wars Wooden Peg Dolls – $63.00 –

In a high tech world, it’s nice to find some really great low tech toys for your Mini Me. We think these wooden peg dolls are great for the Star Wars lover in your life and are just in time for the next Star Wars movie in theaters this holiday season!

Kid Kraft Vintage Wooden Kitchen – $95.59 – Amazon

This vintage-style play kitchen is currently on sale for $50 off on Amazon and includes free shipping. My nieces love playing “kitchen” almost as much as my kids did when they were little. Multiple colors are available starting at $95.59 for your little kitchen helper!

Kid Kraft Doll Cottage w/ Furniture – $57.46 – Amazon

This Chelsea Doll Cottage is half price on Amazon and includes free shipping. It comes with 17 pieces of furniture and fits any 4-inch mini dolls. This makes a great gift for your mini me.

Make Your Own Mermaid Tail – $39.99 – Seedling

Your favorite mermaid can design her own tail with this unique craft kit holiday gift. This DIY Mermaid Kit makes a great gift for the little girl who loves playing dress up and loves crafts!

Abigail Puppy Stuffed Animal – $15.00 – Benefitting St. Jude Children’s Hospital

100% of proceeds from the sale of this “too cute” stuffed animal benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. My oldest son received a version of St. Jude’s puppy stuffed animal when he was a year old and it quickly became his favorite “lovie” whom he renamed “Roller.” Roller is now 14 years old and I won’t say if he still exists hidden under my son’s pillows (wink! wink!), but I will say I have a soft spot for these stuffed animals.

 Green Toys Dump Truck – $17.19 –

Green Toy products are made from Made in the USA from 100 percent recycled plastic milk containers so you can feel good about this purchase! The line also includes a recycling truck, airplanes and cars for your Mini Me on the go!

Radio Flyer Trike – $64.89 –

Radio Flyer always makes us feel a bit nostalgic! I loved this trike when my boys were little! It’s sturdy and durable and even has storage for all the rocks, sticks, and hot wheels cars they always seem to carry with them!

Sleeping Kitty Cats & Blankets – $11.99 – Zero to Two

Your child will love playing and caring for these adorable sleeping animals! They come in 8 different designs, and each animal comes equipped with a soft blanket. Save 15% with promo code MAMANISTA15

Cat Ear Headphones – $24.99 –

Headphones are a great tween gift! We think these headphones bridge the gap between wanting the expensive headphones and rocking tween style for your little girl! We would have totally wanted these when we were little!

Winged Headphones – $16.99 –

Headphones are a great tween gift! We think these headphones bridge the gap between wanting the expensive headphones and rocking being a tween! This less girl version of the above headphones come in blue or yellow and are great for your boy or less girly girl!

My Audio Pet – $24.99 –

These Bluetooth speakers come in 6 different animal characters and make great gifts for your tween to rock out to his or her favorite tunes from their iPod or iPhone.

Little Loving Hands Monthly Craft Kits – $20-$25/month – Little Loving Hands

These craft kits can be order as a one time or month-by-month subscription or sent in 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscriptions. Each month your child receives a craft kit with complete supplies and instructions. Once the craft is completed, there are instructions for sharing each final product with a different charity each month – someone in a hospital or nursing home, someone in need who will appreciate a little something made with love.


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