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Hanacure mask and brush

Editor’s Note: This Brutally Honest Review of the Hanacure mask is NOT a paid or sponsored post, and even if it was, I would still give you my brutally honest opinion. Nevertheless, I spent my own hard-earned money on this!

As I approach my mid-thirties, I’m more focused on skin care than ever before. My chief skin complaints include, but certainly aren’t limited to: redness, especially in my cheeks; acne (there’s a big one right now on my forehead) and dullness. It’s also been the first year that I’ve looked into, and tried, things like Botox.  So when the Hanacure mask began popping up in every social media feed with claims of “achieving flawless skin in minutes,” I knew I had to try it for myself.

However, as our mother’s told us, “beauty is pain.” And Hanacure isn’t about to let you have flawless skin without putting in a little work. Previous reviewers describe how the mask dries to the point of it almost being painful, claiming you’ll look 80 years older while it’s on and then 10 years younger when it’s all over.

Still, the claims that this mask can cure it all, and more, for the low, low price of $35 was too intriguing to pass up. Add to cart!

Initial Impressions of the Hanacure Mask

I have to give Hanacure props for their extremely fast shipping. Let’s face it: Amazon has trained us that when we buy something online, we should get it NOW. And Hanacure delivered in that respsect– nearly 72 hours after placing my order, the package had arrived, which is pretty Prime-friendly. Additionally, the packaging itself is beautiful and would look quite comfortable on the shelf of any Beverly Hills dermatology office.

Hanacure mask and brush

Photo Credit: Hanacure.com

While the shipping was fast and the packaging beautiful, opening it can only be described as a TOTAL BITCH. The box contains a lifting serum and an activating gel, both of which arrive in separate containers. Your job (and you WILL choose to accept it, because flawless skin is at stake!) is to combine the serum with the gel and shake for 30 seconds. However, all of this depends on your ability to actually open the cute little glass bottle that the serum comes in. Don’t let this doll-house bottle deceive you – it is quite possibly a two person job and required additional tools. The metal  foil that closes the cap could have a cameo in the next Saw movie –  it’s that sharp. Expect to steal a band-aid or two from your kids collection. While the serum requires MacGyver-level of cleverness to open, the activator is quite simple – just peel back a small corner, add the serum and shake for about 20-30 seconds. When you lift the package up for a second time, it’s now turned into a slightly off-colored gel.

Putting on the Hanacure Mask

The Hanacure mask’s directions instruct you to paint the newly-gelled ingredients on your face with the fancy brush they thoughtfully included. I’ll admit: painting on the mask is quite fun. It felt a little like a paint by number on your face. I went a little heavier in my problem areas, like around my outer cheekbones, nose and chin. The instructions said to let the Hanacure mask dry for 30 minutes, with minimal face movements for maximum results. And to fan your face if you want optimal results. Challenge accepted, Hanacure.

0 Minutes: As soon as I put it on, I have to sneeze and my face itches in random places. The gel is cooling, with a slight tingle, but nothing painful. I purposefully time the mask with the new episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

5 Minutes In: Is this thing working? Is something supposed to be happening? Bueller?

15 minutes In: Not feeling the tightening everybody talks about – seriously, is it working? Did I get a bad batch? Based on other blogger reviews, I was expecting some BDSM levels of skin tightening.  I begin to fan my face to speed up the effects – I feel like there’s some Anastasia Steele-bondage joke in here somewhere, but I’m too distracted wondering if I did something wrong.

20 Minutes In:  Starting to feel a little tightening, but nothing to make Anastasia Steele’s inner goddess call out in ecstasy.  Nothing crazy, but my left eye is pulling a little. Forehead is starting to itch like crazy. Continue fanning face as I want this thing to WORK, damnit!

26 Minutes In: Fanning like crazy, because again, I spent $35 on it, and mama wants it to work. I can feel my skin tightening but nothing crazy. Seriously, is it working?? The only thing I feel is my forehead itching and my eyes watering from surpassing a sneeze for the last 26 minutes.

30 Minutes In: Timer’s done and my hand is tired from all the fanning. I’m going another 5 minutes because this was $35 for one mask AND a real good scene of Housewives. (Kelly Dodd is CRAZY, ya’all)

After the Hanacure Mask Dried

Seeing myself in the mirror after the Hanacure mask had dried can only be described as scary. When I finally allowed myself to move my face, the mask cracked in all sorts of satisfying places. Note this is NOT a mask that you can peel off. You really have to get in there and scrub it off, and it was a little difficult to get the product off in certain places. And the constant scrubbing left my skin a bright red, the exact thing I was hoping to get rid of by using this mask.

Objects in the mirror may appear older and wrinklier.

The Final Reveal

Afterwards my skin still felt tingly and very, very red. The Hanacure materials includes a note that your face may be redder then normal due to increased circulation.  Soft. But not life changing.

Before and After of Hanacure Mask

Can you tell the difference?

TL; DR: My Brutally Honest Review of the Hanacure Mask

The Hanacure mask claims to give you “flawless skin in minutes.” The product was nice, but not as life-changing as I had hoped. With it’s fast shipping and a price point of $35 for the starter set, it could be a decent substitute if you don’t have the time and money for a professional facial. But if you’re expecting life-changing results, you may want to look elsewhere. I was glad I tried it, but the Hanacure mask probably will not be in regular rotation in my beauty routine. Caution: the Hanacure website does claim best results when used twice a week until your “desired results are achieved” and my review covers one usage.


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