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Kristy Here! I am so excited for this post today because I get to share about one of my favorite things… hair & makeup! I interviewed my personal hair and makeup artist on Labor of Love, Jenna Atkins (she stepped in starting with Episode 4), and not only is she uber talented, but she’s 100% delightful! Jenna helped me look and feel my best (this girl gets me), and was my saving grace during many MANY moments and excruciatingly long days of filming. Jenna will always have a special place in my heart, and I cannot wait for you all to get to know her! So without further ado, meet Jenna…



Q: How did you get started as a makeup artist and then into film and production work?

A: Believe it or not, I started at a counter in Nordstrom. I tell anyone looking to get into this industry that it’s one of the BEST places to start. You have access to all the products you need, and you learn so much about yourself and how to make people comfortable. After that, I got my Esthetician’s License (which I still hold today), and from there I worked on small productions which introduced me into the commercial advertising world. I assisted some amazing artists, who taught me so much, and after a few years went out on my own taking lead positions.


Q: What type of makeup is worth the splurge?

A: My Esthetics background shows when I say this, but….SKINCARE!!! The best foundation is skincare, hands down. Once you have that down, all other product application will become a breeze… don’t skimp on moisturizer, it will save you! Here’s a link to a few of Kristy’s favorites from Andalou, Weleda, Flor Essence and more!


Q: What are your favorite makeup essentials?

A: I always keep pure hyaluronic acid serum in my kit for that extra moisture boost before foundation application, this is a must. A good eyeshadow primer (Urban Decay is a favorite) can enhance your shadow color and application, as well as keep things put on even the hottest of days. Makeup Forever HD Loose Setting Powder is a quick and translucent shine buster, and Burt’s Bees original chapstick is a lifesaver for all, but especially great for men’s grooming for a no shine lip moisturizer.


Q: What are your favorite makeup lines and items?

A: So. Many. I truly believe that there is not ONE brand that has it all, but mixing and matching gets you the best across the board. Bobbi Brown is a phenomenal brand that really does skin right, Makeup Forever HD products can’t be beat for TV and Film, Armani makes a killer foundation across the board, Tarte eyeshadows as well as Urban Decay are staples in my kit, and MAC has always had my heart when it comes to affordable yet high quality colors. Fenty lip products are a no brainer. I could go on…


Q: What trends or new lines are you into at the moment?

A: I am moving more towards clean makeup both personally and professionally, so I would be remiss to not mention Westman Atelier as a lux and beautiful brand that doesn’t have a single bad product, Ilia which makes summer skin a breeze, and Milk Makeup is quickly becoming a brand I always grab something of when I am painting a face.

Q: What are your best tips for getting a professional makeup look at home?

A: Moisture… can’t say it enough! Also, don’t underestimate the power of exfoliating regularly, game changer ladies! Brushes also make a huge difference. I love Real Techniques for their application and affordability. Blending is SO key when it comes to making makeup not look like makeup, but just amazing skin.



Q: How did you approach Kristy’s makeup and style for Labor of Love?

A: Kristy is beautiful so this was an easy gig. We approached her look with the idea of her looking like the best version of herself. Nothing heavy or out there, just feature enhancements with the occasional wild card of color when it felt right. I wanted to make sure she felt approachable and relatable to the guys, as well as the audience that would be watching. This is a REAL girl people, and this is her REAL life!


Q: What was your favorite part about doing Kristy’s hair & makeup?

A: Kristy. I know that may sound silly, but when you gel with someone, it makes the intimate part of having your face in someone else’s so much more enjoyable, as well as easier to be creative in that space. Also, when someone knows what they want and like, you can really achieve that for them and work together to push their comfort level, and Kristy was so great on this level and not scared of taking a few risks.


Q: What was it like to work on a reality TV show?

A: Exhausting! It’s a lot of long days (whatever you think is long, add 12 more hours to it!) and you have to be ready for anything… literally anything!!! BUT, I love a challenge and this was no exception. Having Kristy and our “KK Squad” was definitely the silver lining to the exhausting days, without her and our producer and assistant, there would have not been as many laughs or memories made. I truly enjoyed the experience.


Q: Which of the men did you really want to give a makeover too?!

A: Well, I actually met all of these men and did their grooming before Kristy had the chance to meet them… but with that, a lady never grooms and tells, so I plead the 5th!!!!


Be sure to follow Jenna @jennaatkinsmakeup for more tips and tricks of the trade (or to just check out her gorgeous work)!

*Quick note: for those of you who haven’t watched yet, I filmed a reality show called Labor of Love (airing now Thursdays 9/8c on Fox) which follows my pursuit of motherhood as a women in my early 40’s. On TMM, Sarah and I aim to be inclusive of all women and the various ways we not only pursue and experience motherhood, but in the ways women approach and engage in life. Our goal is to showcase REAL women and REAL stories. My decision to accept the lead role in this new show was first and foremost led by my desire to give voice to a modern issue that so many women today are facing, but that we still aren’t having honest and open conversations about as a society. Sarah and I’s own stories of motherhood (and lives) are quite different, and together we strive to bring a widely relatable perspective to TMM. We hope you see a bit of yourselves in our lives, and that you will engage with us as we all go through this same journey called life.





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