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You know those moms who always seem to be on top of the latest technology trends? The moms you call when you iPhone is on the fritz or you can’t get your tablet to power on! They always have the answers and they look techy cool doing it! Here are our favorite gifts for the tech savvy moms on your gift list this year!

Tech Touch Winter Gloves – $21.75 – Macy’s

We hate it when cold weather keeps us from snapping the perfect picture on our phone or responding to a text message! These tech touch gloves are the perfect fashionable solution! The tech touch feature lets you work your smartphone and tablets outdoors! Perfect for the busy Mamanista! Plus they come in a variety of colors to add a bit of fashion to your winter accessory collection.

QBracelet iPhone Charger – $125.00 – Nordstrom

Techy mom problem #2… a dead smartphone! There’s nothing worse than being far away from a charger and see the dreaded 10% battery flash on the screen! This bracelet makes the perfect accessory for those moments. It’s as beautiful as it is practical, allowing her to keep her iPhone charged up on the go.

MOTHER Morse Code Necklace – $10.91 –

This dainty morse code necklace spells out “MOTHER”. Gold plated beads and tiny crystal beads are used as dots and dashes. It’s the perfect gift for the Mamanista who can appreciate the more math, science and techy side of life.

Printed USB Charging Clutch – $25.00 – Dressbarn 

It’s time to power up! This wristlet includes a removable USB charger perfect for Mamanistas on the go. Plug the USB charger into a power source to charge, then snap it back into the bag and connect to your phone. You’ll stay connected wherever you go. This makes a great gift for the Techy Mamanista in your life!

Wireless Power Outlet Smart Switch – $12.97 –

This smart switch works with smartphones and tablets to easily sync multiple outlets so you can switch lights and even the coffee maker on and off through your phone. You can even connect the outlet you plug in your curling iron or iron each morning so you can switch it off from work if you left it on accidently during the morning rush! This makes a great gift for the techy Mamanista in your life!

CTRL-C, CTRL-V T-Shirt Set – $33.99 –

ctrl c and ctrl v copy paste matching shirt or bodysuit gift set. Whether it’s for dad and baby or mom and baby…copy paste is a feature of our lives now so it’s a really fun idea to have on a matching shirt set.

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