Gift Ideas for Your Best Mom Friend

Let's Spend Some Money

Every mom needs a mom BFF: the one you call when you just can’t with your kids for one more minute or when you need a glass of wine at 3PM. She can yell at your kids like they are her own and you can text her at 3AM about the latest celebrity breakup. If it was elementary school, you’d totally give her either the “BE FRI” or “ST ENDS” half of the heart necklace.


The Updated Version of a BFF Necklace

One for you, one for her.
Metal Marvels Best Bitches Bracelet



A Shirt That Says it All

She can accessorize it with spit up or tiny hand prints in Cheetoh dust.

Mommin Aint Easy Tshirt

A Small But Mighty Device to Take Some of the Load Off

Amazon’s Alexa has a special place in the Mamanista’s hearts and homes. You can get the Echo Dot for $50 and still get the full range of features and benefits of a much more expensive model. Here’s our favorite ways to use this device to entertain your kids when you just can’t. 


A Wine Glass That Can Go Anywhere

Wine: because, kids. This insulated stemless tumbler comes in a variety of colors and looks great at the beach on the ball field or while drinking in the backyard with your bestie. Get a matching one for yourself – after all, if it’s good enough for Oprah….

A Kick Ass Make Up Bag

Help her channel her inner Beyoncé with this black makeup bag. Blue Ivey not included.


A Functional Hair Tie Holder

You can spot a busy woman by the hair tie around her wrist. This cuff bracelet features an inlay groove to turn your hair tie into a piece of jewelry.



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