How to Get the Most Out of Your Stitch Fix

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I’ll admit it. I love shopping and I love the idea of Stitch Fix sending me fun things to try on at home. I love not needing to go into an actual store to find a few things to freshen up my wardrobe. The problem is, I’ve gotten pretty good at bargain hunting online and have a good base in my wardrobe, so I’ve gotten a bit pickier over the years with Stitch Fix shipments.

All in all though, Stitch Fix is a dream come true for a busy modern woman because there are few things that are more fun than receiving a box of clothes and accessories that are hand-picked just for me. Over the years, I’ve found a couple of things to keep in mind to help ensure you are pleasantly surprised with each Stitch Fix.

  1. Stay Active on your Stitch Fix Profile. Trends change about as much as my opinions change, so I review my profile every few months when I’m scheduling my Stitch Fix to edit anything that has changed. Also, consider adding a picture to your profile so your stylist can better visualize your body type and style. The Stitch Fix app also has new features for creating in app style boards and rating different styles. Definitely complete these activities, they all figure into the algorithms your stylist uses to select your clothing.
  2. Link to Your Pinterest page. Show your stylist looks you love by keeping a style Pinterest board and linking to it in your profile.
  3. Overshare. Stitch Fix stylists are most successful when you give them very specific details about your preferences, style challenges, upcoming events, etc. This is one instance where TMI is a good thing. Overshare the why or why not in your feedback and in your notes to your stylist.
  4. Give Feedback. Whether you loved or hated what was sent to you, let your stylist know during the check-out process. And be specific about why! All these notes help create better fixes in the future.
  5. Leave a Note for your Stylist. Each month, be sure to complete the text box when scheduling your fix. Do you have a special event coming up? Is there a specific item you are looking for? Is there a trend you’re curious to try?

Here are some of the favorite things I’ve gotten over the years from my Stitch Fix stylist …

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DISCLAIMER: This post includes a Stitch Fix referral link. If you order your first Fix using my referral link, we will both receive $25 off our Fix. All items purchased were purchased with my own money and all opinions in this post are my own.






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