Our Favorite Stories of 2016

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The Best Stories of 2016 from The Modern Mamanista

The Best Stories of 2016 from The Modern Mamanista

We started The Modern Mamanista in October of 2016 and it’s been a fun, wild ride. We came up with the idea while standing in line at the office Keurig, which is conveniently stationed right outside of Sarah’s office. I have to walk by Sarah’s office to get to mine, and “OMG, you look so cute!” become our standard good morning. In the time it took to brew the coffee, we decided to start a fashion and lifestyle blog for busy working moms. We launched The Modern Mamanista in October and have been really blessed and encouraged by the following we’ve acquired in three short months.

Here are a few of our favorite stories from 2016:

Aimee freezes her face for the first time in The Botox Diaries, which was also featured on Scary Mommy

The Botox Diaries

Sarah hits a milestone and reflects on 40 things she’s learned in her 40 years

We found pants that look good on every single body type (we swear!)

Margaret M Flattering Pants

Subscription boxes are so much fun to give – and get! Give yourself one in 2017

Holiday Gift Guide

Sarah’s having an arm party and you’re all invited!

2016 was also the start of our graphic tee obsession, which is predicted to stay strong in 2017


Aimee helps you to find the best trends to splurge and save on

Lace Up Burgundy Heels

Sarah hangs out with an A-lister that we all want in our Mom Squad

Black tie OOTD from TheModernMamanista.com


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