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There’s no doubt that we love a good box full of samples! We especially love a box full of full-size samples that let’s us try new products and makes our lives easier! We also pride ourselves on honest reviews of the various subscriptions we use like Stich Fix, Trendsend, ipsy, and Birchbox. So when Daily Goodie Box sent us a box for review, we were excited to test things out.

Opening a box like this always feels a bit like Christmas morning, never knowing what you’ll find inside.


Here’s What Was Inside Our Daily Goodie Box

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar

As mom to the world’s pickiest and most inconsistent eater, I often get requests from friends to recommend foods that I feed my toddler. Number one on my list? Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars.

Verdict: Yes! 

Here’s why I love these bars:

  • They are made with whole wheat flour and provide a decent amount of relatively healthy calories.
  • They don’t contain artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup or food dyes.
  • They don’t crumble in little hands, so I can confidently pass one back to my daughter in the car.
  • They’re delicious. When I need a quick snack or easy breakfast on-the-go, I add a spoonful of peanut butter to a fig bar for some protein, and then I’m set to go.

Jack and Jill Toothpaste

I’ve never even heard of this brand before, but my daughter was really excited to try out a new toothpaste. She immediately loved the easy-to-open flip cap – a huge bonus if you have an independent child – and seemed to enjoy the blackcurrant flavor. The clear gel toothpaste comes out in a slow, thin stream, making portion control easy. I also checked out the EWG rating, and it scored really well (“1” – low risk).

Verdict: Yes! Mommy and Cate give it two thumbs up!

Just Chill Drink

Hi, I’m Liz, and I am a caffeine junkie. I don’t do energy drinks, though, because they taste weird and always leave me feeling a little too jacked-up and clammy. I agreed to give Just Chill a try because I was intrigued by the concept of promoting focus and reducing stress, and the label didn’t have a bunch of what-the-hell-is-that ingredients. And, I’ll be honest, the lemongrass leaf extract just sounded healthy. So, there’s that.

I tested the Jamaican Citrus this morning on my way to work, and the flavor was surprisingly enjoyable. Both the carbonation and the flavor are light, it’s not too sweet, and there isn’t the strange after-taste that you experience with most energy drinks. I can’t say that I feel any life-changing effects, but I have been hard at work all morning and am not at all jittery. I plan to stop by Whole Foods and grab another can to try one afternoon when I really start feeling distracted and need a chill pill.

Verdict: Yes!

I plan to stop by Whole Foods and grab another can to try one afternoon when I really start feeling distracted and need a chill pill.


Nellie’s All-Natural Laundry Soap and Wow Stick Stain Remover

So I admit I readily snatched these two items out of the box immediately. With two boys at home, stains and dirt seem to follow us everywhere! Sock bottoms are constantly covered in mud and grass, we have sports uniforms to wash, my 10-year-old has a knack for spilling on his t-shirts, and don’t even get me started on what teenager gym clothes smell like!


I use Arm & Hammer’s baking soda based laundry detergent already and have loved how it cleans and feel like it brightens colors and keeps white from getting dingy. I would say the same holds true for Nellie’s Laundry Soda except that this on doesn’t have any smell (except baking soda). This threw me a bit at first but I think it could be helpful for those who are sensitive to fragrances. It cleaned just as good as my existing baking soda detergent but when I looked online I was a bit shocked at the price. Package per package it costs more than my grocery store brand. But, when I thought about it, this one only required a Tablespoon of detergent powder at a time and the small pack washes 50 loads for $9.99 so it actually comes out about the same. Plus you can order an adorable vintage tin of the soap that washes 100 loads (I’m a sucker for product packaging and I think this would be adorable in my laundry room!).

The Wow Stick had me hooked instantly! It smells clean with a subtle lemongrass scent but doesn’t have chemicals in it so it doesn’t give off that “burn your nose, I’m sure I shouldn’t be breathing this in!” smell of some stain removers. Because it’s natural I had my doubts but thought of my great-grandmother who lived on a farm and probably used something similar to remove God knows what kind of stains from her family’s clothing. I picked one of my son’s pairs of white socks that he’d worn during a rainy, muddy lacrosse practice. At first I didn’t think it was doing anything but then reread the directions. Unlike chemical stain removers that lift stains automatically, this one requires a little elbow grease. As soon as I scrubbed the sock fabric together I began to see the stains lift. I was shocked at how well it worked and would definitely order this one again!

Verdict: Yes to both!

If you’re looking for an all-natural laundry soap and stain remover, these are both solid performers. Plus, they’re available on Amazon Prime so in my book that’s a win over driving to the grocery store or Target for my regular brands. Plus, it makes me feel good that I’m not adding more chemicals to my family’s laundry each week.

Coffee Blocks Better Butter Coffee

Last summer I saw all sorts of friends and family posting about butter coffee. Gross! I thought and quickly scrolled past their posts. The more I saw them raving about butter coffee, the more I was curious however. Not curious enough to actually brew any of my own however. Fast forward to this month’s box and I saw a packet of Coffee Blocks Better Butter Coffee. My perfect chance to try out this health fad!

From a preparation standpoint it can’t be easier… you open the packet, pour it into a cup, add hot water and stir. It immediately smelled like melted butter and brown sugar. I admit I was a little grossed out and a little nervous to take my first sip! I tentatively took a sip and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it! I had visions of how easy these packets would be for travel and camping and how cool I would look drinking my very trendy butter coffee without cream or sugar!

Before my next statement, let me explain that I am the world’s SLOWEST coffee drinker. It routinely takes me over an hour to drink my daily cup of coffee and it is always room temp by the time I’m done. Now… fast forward a bit through my morning routine and about 15 minutes later I go to take another sip of my delicious butter coffee! As I lift up the cup I notice that the butter has started to reform into a chunky butter film across the top of my coffee. That was it… all my butter coffee dreams went down the drain immediately (literally and figuratively).

Verdict: Not for me… but if you’re a fast coffee drinker, you should definitely try this!

Let me say that if I drank my coffee faster so that it stayed hot while I sipped, I would definitely recommend this coffee. The buttery flavor is naturally sweet so you don’t need any cream or sugar. And I’ve read that the added fat of the butter is actually good for your body and helps boost your metabolism and fat-burning by drinking it in the morning. For slow coffee drinkers like myself, I would say steer clear of it, unless you don’t mind your coffee a bit more textured than usual!


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