Easy Everyday Supplement Routine!

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Wellness is a subject near and dear to my heart, and after spending 20 years in the industry I’ve definitely learned a thing or two! Today I’d like to share my top recommendations for an easy everyday supplement routine that will provide a solid foundation for good health for most everyone.


CORE 1 | Vitamin D

 I like Vitamin Code D3 5000 IU by Garden of Life. Most of us are lacking in vitamin D3 which not only affects our immunity, but our bone health, mood and energy levels too. This one is delivered in a whole food lipid base of cracked wall chlorella for better absorption along with a supportive antioxidant and vitamin co-factor boost. I also love Ora Organic’s unique VEGAN vitamin D3 supplement, “Sol Food,” made from lichen with no fillers!


CORE 2 | Probiotics

 I like Trust Your Gut by Ora Organic. Health truly starts in the gut, and unfortunately modern life has really wreaked havoc on this system. ALL of us can benefit from giving our digestive system a little extra TLC. This vegan, USDA Made with Organic probiotic is made from the 6 most clinically studied strains and includes prebiotic fiber as food for those probiotics to thrive and do their job for you and your health. These probiotics come in vegan capsules or powder form. Bonus: they’re shelf stable for extra convenience. I personally LOVE the lavender lemonade powder version. Not only does it taste great, making it a healthy way to jazz up your water, but it also provides 20% of your daily recommended fiber!

CORE 3 | Omega 3’s

I like Minami Platinum Fish Oil. It’s difficult to get enough Omega 3’s in your diet, and since they are essential for healthy cells, I recommend taking a supplement daily. This one is not only the highest quality, it’s also ultra concentrated meaning you only have to take 1 soft gel (vs. the typical 2+). I love that this one is in the natural triglyceride form (for better absorption) and includes 1,000 IU of vitamin D which is great for extra immune support!


Make the Core 3 part of your daily habit for a great foundation to better health!

Make these “Core 3” supplements (omega 3, vitamin D3 and probiotics) a regular daily habit and build out a customized routine from there. I will discuss easy ways to build on these basics in upcoming posts which will include favorite multivitamins, B vitamins, beauty supplements, and vitamin C!

*this information is for educational purposes only; always consult your doctor or health care provider before taking any new supplements.



DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links. We will receive a small percentage of purchase made using the links in this post. All products reviewed were purchased with our own money and all opinions and review are our own however.



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