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Our Favorite Stories from 2017

- Featured, General Fabulousness, Humor

Yes, yes, we are very aware it’s now 2018. But we still wanted to share with you lovely readers some of our favorite posts from 2017. Over the past year, the three of us have really poured our hearts and souls into creating a destination where real women can feel good about themselves, no matter what size, age or weight you may be. Sometimes, we succeeded. Other times, work, sick (or healthy) kids, or just the general busy-ness of life…

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My Breakup Letter with Ipsy

- General Fabulousness, Humor

Dear ipsy, It’s time we had a talk. A real, honest one. When we first met, things were great. It was such a pleasure to go to my mailbox around the 15th of every month and see that bright magenta mailer. I would get all excited and tingly thinking about what fun surprises may be in it. A new lipstick? A fun nail polish? Ohh, the excitement! At first, it was sooooo good. We were so in sync, it was…

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Why Trying On Swimsuits is So Terrible (and How to Fix It)

- Humor
Trying on Swimsuits Sucks

Unless you’re a Victoria’s Secret model or recovering from mono, trying on swimsuits is really not that fun. I’ve even heard models complain about how they won’t eat or drink anything days before a shoot. (I know, I know, poor models!) Now imagine trying on bathing suits after carrying a child (or two, or three) for nine months and then let’s talk about who really has it worse. Literally, the last thing I want to do is lug three kids…

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