Your Bijoux Box January 2017 Review: The One with All the Necklaces

Your Bijoux Box January 2017

In Brutally Honest Reviews, we give you our honest opinions on the things we purchase with our own hard-earned money. This is my Brutally Honest Review for the January 2017 Your Bijoux Box, a jewelry subscription service. For $35 a month, Your Bijoux Box will send you 3-4 pieces of jewelry. Everyone receives the same items. 


January’s a tough month for fashion. The holidays are over and you’re anxious to ditch the black and greys and get into spring clothes, patterns and colors. And unpredictable weather doesn’t make it any easier, but at least your accessories can be fabulous with help from Your Bijoux Box.

The Goodies in the January Your Bijoux Box

One of my favorite things about Your Bijoux Box is the card that comes with it. It describes the pieces and the outfits that would go with them, and is always written like something that Elaine would write for the J. Peterman catalog.

This month’s card is no different, except for the glaring cross-through on the House of Harlow bracelet item. I’m not sure if there was a printing or inventory error, but the cross-through draws more attention to the fact that it’s not, in fact, a bracelet. I probably wouldn’t have even noticed if it wasn’t crossed out.

Your Bijoux Box Subscription Card

I feel bad for the intern who had to cross out “bracelet” on all of these cards.

Your Bijoux Box Item #1: Petra Pearl Collar

I would describe my style as a “classic cool.” I like traditional pieces with unexpected twists like an exposed zipper. It’s safe to say that this piece is outside of my comfort zone. But, one of the things I’ve enjoyed about Your Bijoux Box is how they have sent me pieces that I wouldn’t normally pick out for myself, and I’ve really liked them. I’m on the fence about this particular one. Pretty, but not my style and not sure if I’ll ever wear it. I’m giving it 30 days in my closet and if I haven’t worn it, will be gifting it to Liz who probably has never met a pearl she didn’t like (#loveyougirl).


Your Bijoux Box Item #2: Yvette Y Collar

This is a great piece for the spring in shades of blue and gold. Not quite sure what I’ll wear it with just yet, but I’m sure I’ll find something!


Your Bijoux Box Item #3: House of Harlow Bracelet Necklace

You guessed it: another necklace

The necklace that wanted to be a bracelet! House of Harlow is Nicole Richie’s accessories line and is always a nice surprise in Your Bijoux Box. This piece is gold and blue, and very dainty and pretty, but a little too similar to the Petra necklace above. I would’ve loved a different metal like silver or color scheme in one of these two pieces.


Bonus Your Bijoux Box Item: Anne Taintor Lip Balm and Emery Boards

Anne Tainter emory boards and lip balm

Your Bijoux Box recently started adding non-jewelry items like scarves and make-up. This set was a fun surprise, and I can’t get enough of Anne Taintor items, so these will be used for sure.

Bonus Your Bijoux Box Item: Another Necklace!

Purple Your Bijoux Box Necklace

This necklace has been sent to me THREE TIMES

This necklace is like the jewelry equivalent of Groundhog Day. It just keeps appearing and re-appearing in my boxes. Your Bijoux Box sent out a note saying the box was shipping a little later than normal this month, so they would be including a surprise to thank their customers for their patience. This was a very lovely gesture from the company. However, I have been sent this necklace THREE TIMES now. The first was as a thank you for re-subscribing. The second was as a bonus holiday gift. The third time was in the January box. Each time it has been given away, and each month another one arrives. Maybe if I keep this one they’ll stop sending them to me?!

The Final Verdict on the January 2017 Your Bijoux Box

I always enjoy getting my Your Bijoux Box, but this month was a bit of a miss with every single piece being a necklace in similar colors. A girl can only wear so many gold and blue necklaces! What do you gotta do for some earrings or a bracelet? Still, for $34.99 a month, it’s a fun surprise to come home to and most months I’ve been very happy. I plan on keeping my subscription active for one more month.

What do you think? Was this box a hit or a miss?


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