How to Feel Confident While Wearing a Swimsuit

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It’s no secret that finding just the right swimsuit can test even the most confident woman. For some, it can be downright stressful.  But you know what’s even more stressful? The thought of missing out on a fun-filled day at the pool with friends and family because you don’t like how you look in a swimsuit.

So, in the effort to help us all feel just a little more confident whether we’re donning a one-piece or bikini this season, we polled some really, smart moms and asked for their best advice on how to feel confident while wearing a swimsuit after a baby (or two, or three).


Set Yourself Free

I actually find having kids has been sort of freeing in how I feel about my body… I have a good excuse to be a little saggy! Plus you’re so busy chasing the kids you don’t have time to dwell on it. -Nancy


Shift Your Focus

The instant I became a mother, I stopped caring about my “imperfections” as much. The experience of growing a human for nine months made me appreciate the power of my body. Plus, the second I saw his face, how much my stomach pouched out or not seemed to pale in comparison to the responsibility I felt as a mother. – Sarah


Be a Role Model

I have two daughters and I went on vacation and decided to try a bikini my sister sent me and swore would look good on me. It was my first time wearing one since I was a teenager and I kind of loved how empowered I felt. I want to set a good example for my girls so they feel confident and strong and they like what they see when they look in the mirror no matter what society says. – Kelly


Get Over Yourself & Have Some Fun

As much as I didn’t really want to get in a bathing suit last summer, super pregnant, I wasn’t going to let my body/self consciousness stop me, especially in front of my daughter!  -Lauren


Everyone’s More Focused on Themselves

I just got back from the beach and you know what I realized? No one has a perfect body and no one cares about yours. They’re all so worried about their own jiggles that they don’t even notice yours. It’s a shame actually that we all walk around self-conscious about how our bodies look instead of how much fun we’re having with those we love. -Katie

Any advice you’d like to add? See you by the pool, Mamanistas!



Feel Confident in a Swimsuit


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