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Sometimes, when I’m having a really bad day, all it takes is one really good song to put me back in a decent place and help calm the murderous rage. So it’s in this spirit that we’ve created our very own Spotify page, with some of our favorite tracks by mood for you to get your rage or your mom dance on. We’re also including our personal soundtracks by month. So feel free to browse by mood or by month, and be sure to follow us on Spotify as we add new songs and playlists.

Girl Power

All female, all the time. Our favorite songs to celebrate the ones who run the world.


Fired Up Playlist

Whether you need to deal with your boss or your toddler, these are the jams guaranteed to get you fired up. #winning

Aunt Flow Jams

Because there’s a few days a month where you need some angry or some sad or some sad-angry songs.

Sexy Time

Turn the lights down low, grab your wine, and let’s get it on with your partner or yourself with these sexy, sultry jams gauranteed to get you in the mood.

Girls Night Out

For some of us, it doesn’t happen often (or often enough), but when it does….watch out!


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