7 Unexpected Blessings from Covid-19

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There’s no question, the last few weeks have been filled with lots of anxiety and fear. There are so many unknowns and without day to day face-to-face contact, many of us find it easy to get stuck in our heads and focus on the worry.

With more severe restrictions for staying inside and more and more people I know contracting the virus, I decided to take a few minutes to focus on a few good things to come out of all this.

  1. Slowing Down a Bit: With calendars suddenly cleared, we’ve all been forced to slow down, focus on each other and stop trying to multitask and “do it all” all the time.
  2. Quality Time with Family: With everyone one home all day long, we’ve gone on more walks together, ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together and even convinced our teenagers to play a few board games and put together a few puzzles with us.
  3. Permission to Binge Watch Shows: my husband and I go nonstop. If we’re not checking out our favorite restaurant or buying tickets to a concert or planning our next vacation, we get antsy. We are rarely able to remember what time certain television shows are on or even the channel. We’ve tried multiple series friends swear by but every time, we watch one or two episodes and never go back. During the Coronavirus Quarantine, we’ve binge watched Tiger King in 3 nights, almost caught up on Ozark and might even finally watch Love is Blind everyone is talking about.
  4. Front Row Seat to Nature: I’ve always been someone who finds nature soothing and renewing. With more time at home and an incredibly adorable 18 month old Golden Retriever, I’ve gone for at least 3-4 walks a day! That’s a lot of time in the sunshine, noticing new flowers budding, listening to birds and just observing the beauty of nature even in the middle of all the chaos.
  5. Rediscovering Old Hobbies: Even though I’m still putting in a full workday and juggling helping my kids with digital learning, it’s amazing how much time I have to run and read and bake without a long commute! It’s a good thing I’m walking 6 miles a day with all the cookies, cakes and breads I’m baking! Especially since my family discovered Joanna Gaines’ Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.  Soooo good!
  6. Family Dinners: Without a commute and without the crutch of eating out, we’ve cooked a lot more meals at home. With shortage of supplies at grocery stores, we’ve use a blend of Hello Fresh combined with easy shelf and freezer friendly meals to fill in.
  7. Intentional Connecting: With so much worry about the health and well-being of family and friends, making time to connect has become priority. We’ve had zoom happy hours, house party app calls and plenty of old-fashioned phone call check ins. “Too busy” just isn’t a good enough excuse anymore.



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