4 Holiday Outfits for the Whole Family

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‘Tis the season for holiday parties! Whether it’s your office party, the kids’ party at school or Christmas Eve mass you can’t help but want your family to be coordinated and holiday photo ready in the process. Here are some of our favorite family looks of the season!


Casual Cookie Exchange

Mom: Old Navy Metallic Fair Isle Sweater and Old Navy Wine Purple Velvet Pants;  Dad: Old Navy Cream Waffle Tee;  Girls: Old Navy Girls Gold Stars Leggings and  -AND- Old Navy Lace Yoke Dusty Rose Swing Top; Boys: Old Navy Adventure Seeker Tee and Old Navy Sweater Knit Hat

Outdoor Christmas Festival

Mom: Old Navy Colorblock Puffer Jacket and Old Navy Red Track Pants;  Dad: Old Navy Cream Colorblock Fleece Jacket and Colorblock Beanie; Girls: Old Navy Girls Lightning Leggings; Old Navy Silver Puffer Vest and  Old Navy Sparkle Beanie; Boys: Old Navy Black Puffer Jacket and Old Navy Royal Blue Sweater Hat

Christmas Eve Mass

Mom: Old Navy Green Ruffle-Sleeve Ponte-Knit Sheath Dress for WomenCream Wrap Coat from Amazon -AND –Old Navy Green Flower Necklace ; Dad: Old Navy Button Mock Neck Sweater in Dark Charcoal; Girls: Old Navy Maroon Jive Velvet Waist-Defined Flutter-Sleeve Dress; Old Navy Faux Fur Vest; AND Old Navy Tutu Dress in Navy; Boys: Old Navy Dressy Bow Tie Shirt Set (Toddler) – OR – Old Navy Boys Tie and Button Down Set

Christmas Morning Family Pajamas

Mom: Old Navy Ski Dogs Flannel Pajama Set; Dad: Old Navy Ski Dog Flannel Pants -AND- Old Navy Dashing Through the Snow Tee;  Kids: Old Navy Boys Best in Show Sleep Set -AND- Old Navy Best in Show Girls Pajamas; Baby: Old Navy Ski Dog Onsie Sleeper




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